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Watch: AppDynamics CTO Ty Amell on app security, mitigating threats real time

Increased agile based processes at enterprises, especially in application development, has left them more vulnerable to cyberattacks due to increased complexity. Add to this, remote working and an increase in the number of application users have widened the IT (information technology) perimeter that companies have to monitor. 

Most application security solutions also only deploy a perimeter based security system. San Francisco headquartered AppDynamics, which is an application performance management system, has collaborated with the Cisco Security group to come up with a solution to tackle application security.

Cisco had acquired AppDynamics in 2017 for $3.7 billion.

Called the Cisco Secure Application, the new solution is built on AppDynamics’ full stack observability platform. It simplifies the method of recognising and solving cyber threats and vulnerabilities to enterprise applications, the company said. 

In an interview with TechCircle, Ty Amell, chief technology officer  of AppDynamics, unpacked the new offering, which can detect and fix breaches in real time. The solution can also handle application performance monitoring through AppDynamics.

“Users benefit from reduced alert fatigue, real time threat detection, and automatic breach prevention,” the company said.

Amell told TechCircle about the growing need for application security, how the new app can detect source code of the breaches, and how exactly this can benefit enterprises with faster threat mitigation.

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