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Take action to set the company’s purpose in motion – Adopt Cloud First Strategy

16 Apr, 2021

Future-ready companies recognize that purpose helps attract people to join an organization, remain there, and thrive. Investors understand why this is valuable, and factor purpose into their decision making. When centered at the heart of work, purpose helps people navigate uncertainty, inspires commitment, and even reveals untapped market potential.

In today’s date and time scalability, agility and connectedness is repurposing organizations. Organizations are now aiming to achieve scalability horizontally as well as vertically. They are considering scalability for more processes and functions. Further, they plan to scale up their reach and market penetration and are looking at agility to be able to scale down as well, if required. Enterprises have also fundamentally realized the essence of being connected. Hence, enterprises are looking to adopt to cloud first strategy. The complete architecture is now required to be cloud- driven. It’s a call to action, as early adopters to cloud are likely to capture a disproportionate share of the total business opportunities that cloud makes possible.


Shailender Kumar, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Oracle India
Jaideep Mehta, CEO, Mosaic Digital & Head - Mint