Corner Office Conversations with Nithin Kamath, Co-Founder & CEO- Zerodha/ Rainmatter- Part 2


We move to the second part of the conversation with Nithin Kamath, Co-founder & CEO- Zerodha/ Rainmatter.

He speaks about the initial transition period in the business, working with great partners to solve problems, working on technologies to reduce human work. His focus every day is to make processes more efficient. With a 30 member tech team, he describes them as super humans due to their efficiency at par with 300 people. 


He wants work to feel like home, focus on one thing, and do that one thing extremely well. He talks about his experience while trying to establish the business in the US, where he faced gaps and challenges, and how ultimately India remains the key destination to grow. 

The major change in the last 5 years been in his involvement in all aspects. He now prefers delegating certain tasks and overseeing them rather than being deeply involved in each step.

Nithin prefers that he and the company’s employees don’t work under stress. He like to balance work and personal life. Currently his interest lies in learning western classical. 


Watch the episode to get a detailed perspective on his professional journey and professional values. 

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