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Watch: Holisol founder on upcoming funding round and building a logistics super grid

6 May, 2021

Since being launched as a supply chain management and fulfilment centre specialist in 2009, Holisol Logistics has come a long way. 

The firm, which currently offers a complete technology stack for omnichannel brands, is in talks to raise Rs 350 crore in an equity funding round to create an AI-enabled logistics super grid. 

Rahul S Dogar, managing director and co-founder of the New Delhi based startup, detailed the company’s expansion plans in an interview with TechCircle

“We are planning to build 100 fulfilment centres across the country over the next five years and 800 hyperlocal fulfilment centres. These will be monitored by the AI/ML based layer we have developed, which will give our customers actionable insights on inventory management and supply chain,” Dogar said. 

Founded by Dogar along with Manish Ahuja and Naveen Rawat, the firm operates 25 fulfilment centres across the country.  

It has raised $14.31 million across multiple equity and debt rounds from Sundeep Bhandari, CEO of Datavision, CLSA Capital Partners and BlackSoil Capital, as per VCCEdge data. 

The company processes both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) brands. The former makes up 55% of its revenue share. The firm also witnessed several brands pivot to a B2C model amid the lockdown as markets remained closed.  

Holisol turned EBITDA positive in October 2019 and plans on growing its topline by 80% for the financial year 2021-22. Dogar says that the company will also use internal accruals to fund some of its expansion plans. It has also been offering its supply chain management software as a service to its logistics customers, apart from others who pay for the solutions on a SaaS model.