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Watch: IndiGo CIO Sourav Sinha on using technology to reboot air travel

With lockdowns imposed in several parts of the world to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the aviation industry had to accelerate technology investments to make flights safer even as revenues took a major hit.

Indian domestic carrier IndiGo Airlines, like other companies in the sector, ramped up touchless flying to ensure passenger safety and comfort. The company, which used its own application, saw an increase from 40% to 94% in online check-ins during the pandemic last year.   

IndiGo CIO Sourav Sinha spoke to TechCircle about how the company plans to increase passenger number post the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Among other initiatives, the low-cost carrier has partnered with IBM RedHat to deploy RedHat Fuse, a solution that would provide an interface with real-time data access to its employees. The goal is to reduce manual data re-entry across applications. 

IndiGo is also using IoT sensors for staff attendance and has partnered with the government for the Digital Yatra app. 

Gurugram based IndiGo, which began operations in August 2006, runs a fleet of a fleet of 280 aircraft and has a market share of 54.3% as of January, 2021, per its website. 

Apart from IndiGo, Sinha has worked with Kingfisher Airlines, Oman Airlines, and Qatar Airlines.