Watch: Yvette Cameron on how Oracle can aid enterprises with re-skilling

8 Jul, 2021

With the pandemic, the reskilling of workforces has become imperative. And, the first step to effective reskilling is to understand the right skills sets needed. Last month, enterprise database technology firm Oracle released a solution to address the skills gap being faced by enterprises across sectors. Dubbed the Dynamic Skills, it will be a part of the Oracle HCM suite. 

The team that developed Dynamic Skills is led by Yvette Cameron, senior vice president of global product strategy at Oracle Cloud’s human capital management division. 

The solution particularly looks to tackle the problem of the shrinking shelf life of skill-sets, and the constant need for re-skilling across enterprises. 

A September 2020 survey by San Francisco based edtech firm Udemy found that 92% of employees in India agree to the existence of a skills gap, while 76% said that they were personally affected by the same.  

Skillsets could be diversified into four categories -- technical and digital skills, leadership and management skills, productivity skills and soft skills. Although 97% of the respondents in the Udemy survey were excited about learning new skills, only 34% acquired new skills through corporate professional development courses while 44% resorted to online courses.  

The onus hence lies on enterprises to ensure that the employees are guided towards increasing their skillsets through the right management strategies and set of tools.  

“Our customers can gain a better understanding of the skills across their workforce, where to focus development efforts, and what new opportunities can be created for the employee and the organization,” Cameron said in an interview with TechCircle. She also shared insights on growing re-skilling gaps, the role of human resources professionals and CXOs in addressing the issue and how companies such as Oracle are using technology to counter the same. 

Cameron also serves as a board member at Velocity Career Labs, a company that handles an industry consortium that looks to reinvent how career records of workers are shared across the labour market through blockchain technology. This includes employment records, professional credentials, skills, competencies and other parameters.