Capgemini accelerates transition to 100% hybrid and EV fleet

Capgemini accelerates transition to 100% hybrid and EV fleet
Photo Credit: 123RF.com
13 Jul, 2021

French information technology (IT) services and consulting firm Capgemini will now only order hybrid and electric cars and vans for its 12,000-vehicle company fleet, stopping with immediate effect the order of new pure diesel or petrol vehicles as it transitions to a fully electric fleet by 2030.

The company aims to achieve carbon neutrality for its operations by 2025 and to be net zero by 2030, according to a statement. 

Around 13% of the most polluting cars in Capgemini’s fleet will disappear this year, and a further 24% in 2022. By the end of 2022, over 50% of the Group’s fleet will be hybrid or electric, and 100% by the end of 2025, the statement added. 

“This initiative is a critical step on our transition to an EV fleet. We are looking forward to joining with other organizations through the EV100, to share best practice and achieve the scale and speed needed to realize our net zero ambition by 2030,” Vincent Moreau, Global Head of Real Estate at Capgemini, said. 

Capgemini is also increasing its investment in electric charging points. 

With this initiative, Capgemini joins the ‘EV100 global initiative’, which brings together companies making a switch to 100% electric fleet.  

Recently, IPO-bound food technology company Zomato announced its intent to switch completely to electric vehicles for its delivery fleet by 2030.

Earlier this year, ecommerce major Flipkart also announced to deploy over 25,000 electric vehicles in its city logistics fleet and fully transition to electric mobility by 2030.