Zoho rolls out new AI-based business intelligence platform at Rs 250 per month

Zoho rolls out new AI-based business intelligence platform at Rs 250 per month
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14 Jul, 2021

SaaS-based office suite provider Zoho corporation has announced a new business Intelligence (BI) platform and an augmented self-service data preparation and pipeline service called Zoho DataPrep.

The product is priced at Rs 250 per month for the cloud version, while the on-premise version will cost Rs 1,800 per user a month.

The Chennai-based company’s BI platform will combine DataPrep with an upgraded version of Zoho Analytics.

The platform will provide enterprises with ways to analyse cross-departmental data, obtain a 360 degree view of the company and provide real-time insights.

DataPrep could be classified as an AI and machine learning-driven self-service data preparation tool.

Its addition to the BI platform will allow for larger data pipeline management, along with more efficiency in cleansing, transforming, modelling and cataloguing data.   

“Too few BI platforms in the market excel in both data preparation and analytics, which leaves businesses with weak—or worse, flawed—insights,” Sridhar Vembu, CEO and co-founder, Zoho Corp, said.

The new BI platform will consist of pre-built visual dashboards, data integrations, data preparations, augmented and embedded BI. It will also be able to be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, along with security and privacy controls.

Other features of the BI platform includes enterprise portal builder Zoho Sites and presentation software Zoho Show. Zoho’s conversational AI tool Zia will also feature in the platform and will help sift through and allow to wrap additional context around data through natural language querying.  

Zia will also provide textual narration of insights from reports and dashboards, and will help enable scenario analysis for better decision making. 

The BI platform will be extensible to more than 250 data sources including the likes of Zendesk, HubSpot, Microsoft, Mailchimp, Stripe and Google.  

Zoho said that 60% of its existing users who use its BI tools are running on non-Zoho applications and data sources.    

Currently, Zoho has more than 50,000 companies which use the platform. The company’s analytics wing on the other hand has grown by 30% year on year over the last two years, while its enterprise segment saw an uptick by 40% year on year.