Low cost devices can deliver quality insight powered by 5G: Mint DIS

Low cost devices can deliver quality insight powered by 5G: Mint DIS
Photo Credit: 123RF.com
21 Sep, 2021

Advancement in collection and analysis of data can drive quality insights, despite low cost devices and machines with the advent of 5G, said industry experts at the Mint Digital Innovation Summit.  

Speaking at a panel discussion on How IoT and 5G will make things smarter, vice president of India Urban Data Exchange and Data Spaces at IISc, Suresh Kumar KK said, “We can now predict and extrapolate a lot of data…We are getting into a mode where you give me good data and we will build a killer application and save some money too.” 

He said that this was especially true of the government led Smart Cities Mission where phase 1 was all about deployment of sensors and CCTV cameras while phase 2 will be about analytics from the data generated by these.  

“IoT can add life to products,” observed V Srinivasa Rao, chairman and managing director at management consulting firm BT&BT.

He cautioned that cybersecurity risk cannot be ignored as the world moves towards a connected ecosystem. 

“When it comes to deployment of connected devices, customer facing deployments are remarkably different from that used by a business operation,” Ritesh Arora, chief data officer at tyre manufacturing company CEAT, said.

He said, “Smart product deployments which include insights collected by sensors in the tyres can be innovated in isolation…Implementation in a process manufacturing plant is disruptive as production cannot be interrupted.” 

With the advent of 5G, the deployment of connected devices will become easier, with the ability to service remote areas and energy efficient infrastructure.

“5G is relevant for IoT especially for device density – allowing up to 100,000 devices to be deployed per square kilometre. The power required is also low and industries can bypass major telco operators by going in for private cellular networks using Open RAN,” Arvind Tiwary, chair of the think-tank, IoT Forum which is formed in partnership between TiE Bengaluru and India Electronics and Semiconductor Association, said.  

He added that with 5G, industries will be able to get creative with their solutions and will be able to embrace moonshot data-driven AI.