3D virtual photography six times cheaper than traditional photoshoots, finds new study

3D virtual photography six times cheaper than traditional photoshoots, finds new study
Photo Credit: Pixabay
24 Sep, 2021

3D virtual technologies have become so advanced that they could replace traditional photoshoots by professionals, for 1/6th of the price, according to a claim by CGTrader Arsenal, a 3D-visualization solutions provider for e-commerce companies based out of Lithuania.  

As part of the study, Lithuania asked more than 100 photo studios globally for quotes to photoshoot furniture products.  

The brief was fixed for all the companies. The prices were then compared to 3D virtual photography using technology from CGTrader Arsenal.

According to the average cost by city, the study found that 30 product photos would cost an average of $11,076, while virtually, the price was fixed at $2000, for CGTrader.  

The company conducted the research on photo studios in Canada, United States, France, Spain, Italy, other European countries and Australia.

However, back in India, we could get more bang for your buck with $11,000 or Rs 8.36 lakh.

It is to be noted here that the study was conducted comparing only one 3D tool to the prices quoted by photo studios, along with no comparisons being done to the final product outcome between virtual photos and real photos.

Additionally, the study was only carried out for furniture/ product shoots and not any other forms of photography.  

But it is to be noted that traditional photography takes into account product transportation, assembly, additional equipment charges, studio rental/location hires, and labor costs for photographer and visual stylists. Added to this are the post-production needs. 

Overall, 40% of traditional costs accounted for photographers and studio hiring charges, while 60% made up for transportation, props and editing charges.  

However, 3D printing brought about a few advantages, like the ability to customise the photos drastically at any moment, and at a fraction of the price.