Railways Helpline number 139 will now be verified by Truecaller

Railways Helpline number 139 will now be verified by Truecaller
28 Oct, 2021

The National Railways Helpline number 139 will now be verified by Truecaller Business Identity solutions. This will help customers know that the call or message they are getting regarding booking and PNR status is actually genuine and sent by Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).   

The number will be assigned a green verified business badge which will be visible to the callers. Similarly, the badge will be shown in the header of SMS messages, reducing the scope of fraud or being duped by cybercriminals.  

Spam calls have become a major source of frustration for users across the world. Spam calls increased by 18% globally in 2020 over the previous year, as per Truecaller.  

According to IRCTC, the Railway Helpline 139 receives over 2 lakh calls daily for information on train reservation, arrival and departure.

“Through this engagement, we have moved a step forward in making IRCTC’s communication channels with the customers more robust, reliable and safe with technical collaboration with Truecaller thereby building trust with our customers,” Rajni Hasija, Chairman and Managing Director, IRCTC, said in  a statement.      

“Truecaller for business already has hundreds of enterprises using our solutions globally to drive authentic conversations. We are very excited about working with IRCTC on this initiative and this is the first of many solutions. We remain committed to working with the government to increase trust in communication and playing a key role in supporting the digital India journey” Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Managing Director, Truecaller India, said in a statement.  

A subsidiary of Indian Railways, IRCTC is the primary booking and information platform for anyone planning to travel by train.  

The company went public in 2019 and is listed on the National Stock Exchange of India.