Rezo.ai claims to deliver 2.5x enhanced efficiencies, 85% better turnaround times

Rezo.ai claims to deliver 2.5x enhanced efficiencies, 85% better turnaround times
Photo Credit: Pixabay
16 Nov, 2021

Artificial intelligence-driven platform Rezo.ai has said that it can deliver 2.5 times better efficiency than traditional contact centres while scaling down the turnaround times by 85%.   

The Rezo.ai platform provides vernacular solutions in over nine languages in voice and several other languages in text.  

The company claims that it can automate up to 80% calls without the need to reach a live agent. 

“We have equipped our clients to handle an influx of customer queries with as low as 1/3rd of their usual CC representatives. That too, across channels such as chat, email, social and voice,” said Manish Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder, Rezo.ai.

Rezo.ai works by collecting historical data from customer interactions such as transcripts and recordings as well as feeds into the AI engine which can recognise the intent, vocabulary, nuances and variations of the conversation for better responses.  

The company has currently processed over 6 million minutes of training data.

“Voice is still the go-to medium for customer query resolution as customers scout a personalised touch and voice interactions offer a true sense of trust and proximity,” said Rashi Gupta, Chief Data Scientist and Co-Founder, Rezo.ai.  

Contact centres still remain a major pain point for companies today, especially during peak hours when the team is bombarded with multiple calls.  

The customer in such scenarios feels ignored due to multiple wait times and engaging with the contact centre could be frustrating.  

Interactive Voice response solutions could also be frustrating owing to repetitive answers and no proper addressal of concerns.   

In such scenarios, Rezo.ai could help by leveraging solutions such as machine learning, natural language processing and predictive intelligence as well as other proprietary algorithms.