Panasonic India revamps solutions to boost efficiencies of retailers, enterprises

Panasonic India revamps solutions to boost efficiencies of retailers, enterprises
Photo Credit: Panasonic
30 Nov, 2021

Panasonic India has redeveloped its Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) and Digital SignEdge 2.0 (SDN) solutions to augment operational efficiencies for retailers and enterprises.  

The company claimed that the revamped solutions will offer retailers more control over real-time pricing while bringing significant service improvement and store operation efficiency.  

SDN 2.0 solution helps retailers and owners of digital screens offer flexibility, control and cost-effective means to sell their digital advertising space to a larger audience as well as gain extra advertisement revenues. 

The ESL display, on the other hand, ensures high energy efficiency, paper-like readability and reflective technology features under strong lighting conditions. The latest ESL  version is an end-to-end solution for large retail chains across the country. 

Vijay Wadhawan, Director, Systems Solutions Division, Panasonic India, said, “These professional, interactive display solutions have already proven their efficacy and are currently being used by retailers, Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), DOOH, and automotive players to name a few.  

Additionally, these display solutions have resulted in a significant reduction of paper usage allowing businesses to boost operational efficiency and profit margins while ensuring long-term sustainability.” 

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Panasonic India added that by using ESL, retailers would be able to achieve higher efficiencies with automated operation modules, reduce significant raw material and service costs by replacing paper with digital technology.