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Simplifying Cloud Investments in the Subscription Economy – The Startup Story Episode 4

In an exclusive interview with TechCircle, powered by HPE’s GreenLake Try & Buy Cloud Offering, we discussed Simplifying Cloud Investments in the Subscription Economy – The Start-up Story. Our guest speakers are Naveen Gulati, Chief Information Officer, GirnarSoft, Sandeep Majumdar, Chief of Operations-North, Sify Technologies and Shalil Gupta, Chief Business Officer, Mosaic Digital, An HT Media Company.  

The interview was a pool of knowledge build-up around business transformation in the digital economy—growth is coming, and businesses will scale. But the flavour of growth has changed, and it's no more inclined to B2B or B2C, and it's now digital-oriented, commerce-oriented—in short, vertical-oriented.

The speakers had vivid conversations around cloud & cloud-native architecture, a forcing function acting as a shaper in this hyper-data-driven world.  They predominantly discussed how does the future journey look like with customer, what are the essential principles that companies should adhere to future-proof their business from a growth perspective, how to make resilient infrastructure, and what is the roadmap to digitally transform given the fact the organisation already have the technical debt. 

The conversation outlined the top 4 spectrums in which companies should invest—Growth, Cost Redefinition, Productivity, and Security & Compliance. The role of the new evolving CIO/CTO is to give direction on technology from the current state and the next 3-5 years down the line and to be prepared from a technology and regulatory perspective—three core elements about digital transformation—business transformation, cloud transformation, and network transformation. 

Cloud computing is about scaling up and down the infrastructure as per business needs. It simplifies architecture, disengages old monolithic systems, and establishes a heartbeat between the cloud and the network. The cloud-native architecture is increasingly becoming the big data set. It is an enabler delivering sub-second-millisecond latency, utmost customer experience, distributed total cost of ownership, rapid deployment of analytics & AI services on the go in a secure environment—as business needs to be agile, quick, hassle-free, and in-sync with each & every customer requirement.

Watch the entire clip and learn the right outcomes of cloud strategy and transformative planning that deliberates unarticulated and futuristic needs.   

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