Qlik, UiPath partner to offer wider software automation solution for cos

Qlik, UiPath partner to offer wider software automation solution for cos
7 Dec, 2021

Qlik has entered into an alliance with UiPath that will seemingly add on the former’s already existing enterprise software automation platform, which offers integration with its cloud analytics service to automate customer-end tasks.  

With this partnership, Qlik’s software automation platform users will now be able to automate a wider range of task sets including UiPath’s tools. 

Enterprise software automation is a key area for businesses, which are leveraging cloud-based data platforms to offer scalable and automated consumer solutions.

Data pools from enterprises are hosted on cloud platforms, which offer data analytics. Based on the latter, automation platforms such as Qlik offers executable actions that businesses can enforce on a customer end. 

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Qlik’s Chief Product Officer, James Fisher, said that the partnership with UiPath is a part of the company’s goal to offer “active intelligence” to enterprises. 

The latter was announced by Qlik in 2020, and is a move to offer real-time data and analytics for executable customer-end solutions.  

 “The integration with UiPath expands the ecosystem of technology partners integrating and adding value to the Qlik Active Intelligence Platform and will enhance the automation capabilities already in place with Qlik Application Automation,” Fisher added. 

Describing the key use cases that the partnership will enable, Fisher said, “Users will now be able to trigger an expanded range of actions and automated workflows from Qlik into their essential daily tasks in key applications like ERP, CRM and HR, while also impacting crucial and timely focus areas such as supply chain management and customer service.” 

The allaince,, Qlik said, will reduce the need for enterprises to use multiple software automation services, as it brings UiPath automations into Qlik’s software workflows.