Wipro to migrate its Air-cargo suite CROAMIS to Oracle Cloud

Wipro to migrate its Air-cargo suite CROAMIS to Oracle Cloud
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Bengaluru based IT company Wipro will host its data for its Air cargo processes on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the company said in a statement.   

Wipro will utilise OC for its CROAMIS application suite, which is short for Cargo Reservations, Operations, Accounting and Management Information Systems. With the integration, Wipro will be able to offer CROAMIS as part of the FullStride Cloud Services, which is Wipro’s cloud services wing.  The solution will help Wipro to provide faster modernization of the air cargo industry, which has seen growing demand for rapid cargo transportation services.   

“There has been significant change in the supply chain, particularly in pharma and e-commerce, which need goods to be moved rapidly. This has led to air cargo gaining share, and the need for the industry to fast-track its modernization through cloud,” said Gopi Krishnan, Vice President and Managing Partner, Domain & Consulting Services, Consumer Sector, Wipro Limited.  

Wipro first launched CROAMIS back in March 2016, which was then co-developed by Wipro and Qatar Airways through a co-funded model.   

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CROAMIS targets airlines, companies associated with air cargo and ground handling companies, and is offered as a Software-as-a-service solution as well as a Software on-premise solution.   

Wipro migrated its CROAMIS application to the Oracle Cloud and will offer it on a SaaS model in combination with Oracle’s Exadata Cloud Service and Oracle Exadata Database Cloud Service. The solution will cater to cargo capacity planning, sales, revenue management, cargo ground handling operations, warehouse management, customer services and related requirements. 

“Global supply chain dynamics have gone through a significant transformation due to the pandemic. The gap between demand and capacity has been a serious issue during the pandemic, and this has added tremendous cost pressure on the industry,” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst, Founder & CEO, Greyhound Research.   

CROAMIS is expected to be available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace by the end of 2021.