BGMI maker Krafton will implement device bans on players caught cheating

BGMI maker Krafton will implement device bans on players caught cheating
24 Dec, 2021

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), the renamed, India-specific version of the erstwhile PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile game, is implementing more serious crackdowns on players who cheat in the game. Krafton, the promoters of the game, announced in a blog post earlier today that the company will expand the practice of banning players who use tactics that qualify as cheating in the game. 

As part of the new strategy, Krafton will now implement device bans on players caught cheating in BGMI. The post made by the game developers, on the official BGMI blog, said, “To provide fair gameplay and eliminate the use of illegal programs, we would like to announce an additional punishment for cheaters. Up until now sanctions were given only to the accounts, but now, mobile devices will be banned as well, making fair gameplay far more effective.” 

“We will continuously strive to eradicate any unfair gameplay, especially the use of illegal programs to provide our fans the utmost pleasant gaming experience,” the statement further added. 

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Krafton has been regularly publishing lists of players who were being banned from the game because of using tactics that qualify as ‘cheating’ in the game. Such tactics may include the use of add-ons to enhance game controls, software plugins that automate certain aspects of the game, or enhance specific abilities that give some players an edge over others. 

Till now, Krafton has banned lakhs of players from the game over the past few weeks, and has been publishing the data on banned players in the game through the BGMI blog. 

BGMI was introduced in India as a revamped version of the original PUBG Mobile game -- which was banned in India as part of the government’s crackdown on Chinese apps and services. The latter was accused of being linked to Chinese data servers. In its new avatar, the makers of the game have claimed that it has no link to China.