TechCircle successfully organised the 1st edition of Future of Workforce, a Digital Event


World as we have known, is ever-evolving and changing; slowly, but at times rapidly. COVID-19 was no exception. While the majority of its implications were vastly negative and irreparable for us all, it has also put focus on ‘proximity’. It is now a consideration in where we work, how we work, what skills do we need, and what organisational culture we need. Culture may be the factor people are most concerned about. Can you maintain a corporate culture when people work remotely? Forbes in its recent study revealed that “According to 74% professionals, remote work is the new normal everywhere”. Some companies are migrating training or related events to online models, reducing the time staff will be expected to travel, and subsidizing the cost of setting up robust work-from-home arrangements.

Companies first need to assess the potential for remote work. Anything that has to do with processing information, performing administrative duties, updating knowledge and learning, or routine communication with clients could shift to remote models. To better understand the implications of what most of us now call ‘A New Normal’, TechCircle recently organised the inaugural edition of its digital event, “Future of Workforce”,  presented by  Wurkr. The digital event was held on February 23, 2022. The debut edition gathered a lot of momentum since its announcement was a huge success, offering a power-packed line-up of industry stalwarts and leaders who shared their thoughts with the attendees. This highly interactive event was supported by session partners like Poly, that helps companies in giving their hybrid workers the tools to meet and succeed as equals – from any location, and Microsoft, which is enabling digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge.


The event offered valuable insights into the future and how the workforce is evolving. Ankush Wadhwa, Chief Revenue Officer, Wurkr, in his opening address said, “today’s workforce does not need another video platform to communicate within and outside of the organisation. They need their physical office replicated in a virtual environment. Future of workforce is without boundaries and employees need an immersive workspace experience”. During an engaging discussion on ‘The Agile Workforce’, Wadhwa added, “the time has come to take office to our workforce, when they choose to work remote or in a hybrid mode.” 

The leaders from the across industries shared thoughts in important topics like ‘The Agile Workforce’, ‘The Future of Workforce in the New Normal’ and moved to equally engaging sessions like the importance of, ‘Building Cultural Nuances as part of Work Design’, and ‘Enabling Collaboration for the Hybrid Workforce’. The discussion topics were aplenty and a lot to take home for the attendees. The event offered not just thoughts, but actional playbooks that C-Suite executives can implement in their organisation and make them future ready.

Some of the eminent speakers were Abhijit Mazumder, CIO Tata Consultancy Services, Amit Saxena, Chief Technology Officer, Reserve Bank of India|Innovation Hub, Rajiv Sodhi, Chief Operations Officer, Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd., Nanda Rackanchath, Chief Human Resources Officer, Tata Chemicals, Anjali Chatterjee, CHRO, AirAsia India, Amarpreet Kaur Ahuja, Head HR, AstraZeneca, among other esteemed business leaders from the country. 


Annil Chandel, CEO, Wurkr quoted, “the challenge today is, how do I keep connected? How do I feel immersed in an environment where my colleagues are with me? And to answer these questions organisations, one hand needs to be mindful of how they adopt new technologies, and on the other hand definitely need to listen to the employees and understand what they want and then look for solutions which best enable them to get the best out of their working day. Listening to your employees is the key part to how we adapt going forward.”

The event threw light on various areas such as, the combination of automation tools and intelligent ecosystems that will enable workforces to focus on value creation across organizations. At the same time ensuring we embed empathetic human-centric design as part of these tools, ensuring digital work environments do not lose the touch of human centric designs. One of the key topics at the event revolved around the cultural nuances as part of work design; where the panelists deliberated on the importance of  building a focused approach to deliver agile thinking, innovative thought processes also as part of daily work processes to ensure the success of hybrid work environments. The event discussed the importance of prescriptive identification, provisioning, and implementation of skilling solutions for large enterprises. AI driven workforce maturity assessments, and the resulting need for customised enablement of training plans will be the core of industry level reskilling in the future.

The grand success of the inaugural edition ensures that the event will be back next year with more such engaging discussions between the leaders of the business community and help shape the future of the workforce. You log onto https://events.mosaicdigital.com/upcoming-events to keep track of the upcoming summits/events. 


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