Lenovo's Digital Dialogue: Episode 2


The second episode of the “Digital Dialogues: Meeting Changing Expectations of a Modernised Workplace' in partnership with TechCircle, features Huma Ansari, VP-Information Security, MSCI Inc, Subraneel Bose, Director-Large Enterprise Business, Lenovo India, and Sumedha Bose, AGM- Research & Solutions, Mosaic Digital, as our guest speakers. The episode includes an exciting discussion around—why leadership is essential for an organization, how we can build a culture that keeps the organization together, and how Lenovo helps businesses meet the changing expectations of the new age. 

The economic turmoil and the disruption in the last two years have poked holes in long-standing norms of 3Ws—Work, Workforce, and Workplace. Today, five structural pillars (People & Leaders, Operations, Digital Ecosystem, Pace of Innovation, and Platforms) amplify business and promise value creation. The cornerstone of successful transformation is—People & Leadership. How has been your transformation journey over the years as a  leader? How have you upended convention and created a new vision for the future? Most importantly, how have you evolved as an Expert at Change? 


Said Huma Ansari, “The market is significantly shaping depending upon the type of businesses that respective organization does. Culture plays a vital role here. The pandemic has reduced the gap and increased the trust between senior management & the base level operating employees. As a result, companies are widely adopting work from home culture.”

Said Subraneel Bose, "The pandemic has brought changes at varying levels—processes, culture, individual, and organization. Today's market features an array of graded hues of hybrid working and work from anywhere, and this model will remain intact though it will be a bit of a mix & match. 3 key considerations: Customers expecting minimum disruption to work from anywhere, security parameters have widened, and how we can wrap devices, solutions, services as a service model.”

With reference to the future blueprint quotient, Huma elucidated, “Organizations need to have a blueprint with a flexible mindset. For any tech implementations to enable the organization, the mandate should come from the business leaders as tech leaders and the business leaders are working together. This strong integration is essential to create a flexible and agile organization.”


Watch the entire clip to get complete insights.   

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