Lenovo's Digital Dialogue: Episode 4


The fourth episode of the “Digital Dialogues: Meeting Changing Expectations of a Modernised Workplace' in partnership with TechCircle, features Rajesh Uppal, CIO&CHRO, Maruti India, Ajay Sehgal, ED ISO Business, Lenovo India, and Sumedha Bose, AGM- Research & Solutions, Mosaic Digital, as our guest speakers. The episode includes an exciting discussion around—why leadership is essential for an organization, how we can build a culture that keeps the organization together, and how Lenovo helps businesses meet the changing expectations of the new age. 

The economic turmoil and the disruption in the last two years have poked holes in long-standing norms of 3Ws—Work, Workforce, and Workplace. Today, five structural pillars (People & Leaders, Operations, Digital Ecosystem, Pace of Innovation, and Platforms) amplify business and promise value creation. The cornerstone of successful transformation is—People & Leadership. How has been your transformation journey over the years as a  leader? How have you upended convention and created a new vision for the future? Most importantly, how have you evolved as an Expert at Change? 

Said Rajesh Uppal, “ For me, digital is at the forefront of transformation, focus on the customer is at the center, and approach how we as an organization can evolve digitally is personal agenda. The pandemic helped me establish my own network and digitally transform the organization. Today, we have the whole digital infrastructure in place to manage our customers. 4 key transformation elements: Understand each role in the company, identify infrastructure for a seamless experience, pay attention to security posture, & develop a collaborative platform.”


Said Ajay Sehgal, " We are transforming ourselves as a service-led organization. Today, we are driving one Lenovo, which includes everything from a smart device to a tablet to a complete PC portfolio. Also, we are providing the overall infrastructure services to the data center. In short, we are hyper tasking to use technology with an aim that technology caters to the hard work and employees cater to smart work. Our focus: Customer should buy services rather than devices to improve efficiency and optimize cost.”

With reference to the future blueprint quotient, Rajesh elucidated, “The range of capabilities which organization need to run an organization has gone phenomenally high. It is cumbersome to manage them. 3 big changes that we will witness in the future: a shift towards services, capability to consume-&-security management will become a priority and more maturity wrt devices. ”

With reference to the partner selection quotient, Ajay elucidated, “ 4 key criteria: execution capability, how they are helping to reduce CapEx, who is helping you upgrade your skillset, and how're they helping you to build capabilities as an organization." 
Watch the entire clip to get complete insights.   


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