Nokia hopes Windows 8 will turn the tide

Daniel Thomas

When Microsoft unveils its Windows 8 operating system for mobile phones on Monday, one company in particular will be hoping it ....

29 October, 2012

Telcos at crossroads in data boom era

Daniel Thomas

Telecoms groups will make more money from data than from voice calls by 2017, in a significant turning point for a sector "in ....

11 September, 2012

The internet: Command and control

Daniel Thomas

The man in the middle of the vast stadium pressed a button on a boxy old computer terminal, causing a message to flash across ....

28 August, 2012

Four myths about doing business in India

Daniel Thomas

When business leaders worried about globalization aren't following developments in China, conversations usually turn to India. ....

21 August, 2012

Nokia in Windows talks with operators

Daniel Thomas

Nokia is considering ripping up its traditional mass marketing strategy when it unveils its new Windows 8 smartphone in the autumn, ....

23 July, 2012

Virgin Media to rent Olympic Tube WiFi

Daniel Thomas

Virgin Media hopes to make money from the WiFi mobile internet network being rolled out across London Underground stations by ....

22 June, 2012

Nokia Missed Smartphone 'Revolution'

Daniel Thomas

Nokia will launch a range of tablets and "hybrid" smart mobile devices as it seeks to turn round the fortunes of its ailing handset ....

3 May, 2012

4G: A Blistering Stream Of Positive Thoughts

Daniel Thomas

The little 4G logo at the top of the screen may not yet be familiar to mobile users in the UK, but it will soon become the recognised ....

9 April, 2012

Battle Looms Over Mobile Sim Cards

Daniel Thomas

A battle has broken out between Apple and its rival smartphone makers over the standard industry template for miniature Sim cards ....

21 March, 2012

Texting Revenues Hit By Web Services

Daniel Thomas

Telecom operators lost almost $14bn in revenues in 2011 from a decline in text messaging owing to the rise in use of social messaging ....

22 February, 2012

Windows Platform Fails To Curb Nokia's Slide

Daniel Thomas

Smartphone sales at Nokia dropped by almost a third in the fourth quarter as initial sales of the key Windows Phone platform failed ....

27 January, 2012

Drop In Texting Heralds Industry Shift

Daniel Thomas

A steep drop in festive Christmas and New Year text messaging this year was the latest sign of the decline in such traditional ....

16 January, 2012

Nokia Prepares To Lose Its Bling Tone

Daniel Thomas

Nokia is to sell its luxury subsidiary – maker of the world's most expensive mobile phones – as the once dominant ....

8 December, 2011