Always be doubling down

Dhiraj Kacker

It is commonly believed that the macro sentiment in India today is probably worst it has been since 1991. But is also said that ....

30 September, 2013

GoogleMaps, here's how you can help India's GDP

Dhiraj Kacker

Anyone who has lived in India knows that we waste a ton of time in giving and taking directions. I have often tried to quantify ....

27 February, 2013

Grokking India: High fixed cost per transaction

Dhiraj Kacker

This blog post is really worthy only of a tweet since the core lesson is simple and either you grok it or you don't; either you ....

27 August, 2012

Distribution Is King. Much More So In India

Dhiraj Kacker

The easiest way to tell if a PE/VC investor has earned their chops in India or in the west is when within 15 mins of your conversation ....

7 February, 2012

Why I Don't Believe In COD: Canvera's Dhiraj Kacker

Dhiraj Kacker

Payments systems (or lack of them) are a very big problem for India e-commerce and as much as COD is being touted as the panacea ....

23 January, 2012