Writedown sets seal on HP deal from hell

Richard Waters,

In some parts of the City of London, a sense of disbelief greeted the news last year that Hewlett-Packard had agreed to pay $11bn ....

21 November, 2012

A whole new Ballmer game

Richard Waters,

When Steve Ballmer is having fun, everybody knows it. It's not just the famously booming voice and sweatily energetic public performances. ....

20 November, 2012

Apple revolution shows signs of reboot

Richard Waters,

The iPhone Maps fiasco may have been its immediate cause, but the senior management shake-up at Apple this week marks a deeper ....

31 October, 2012

Apple on the defensive

Richard Waters,

Apple on the defensive? That is hardly a familiar posture for a company that has dismantled one part of the consumer electronics, ....

18 October, 2012

Google ebook win little threat to Amazon

Team TC & Richard Waters, & Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson

A trove of out-of-print books that have been mouldering in library stacks for decades is to go on sale in ebook form for the first ....

5 October, 2012

Resurgent Google puts one over tech rivals

Richard Waters,

It has taken Wall Street a long time to warm to Google's second act. This week, however, stock market investors have finally thrown ....

27 September, 2012

Technology: Zap, tap and go

Richard Waters,

On a bright morning at the ultra-hip Sightglass Coffee shop in San Francisco this week, Brad Miller, a healthcare technology consultant, ....

24 September, 2012

Smartphones have not yet digested payments

Richard Waters,

Are smartphones about to swallow the payments business? Two events this week have given sharply contradictory answers. The first ....

20 September, 2012

Advertisers cautious of move to mobile

Richard Waters,

This is a movie that the internet industry has seen before, says Joe Kennedy, chief executive of Pandora, the US internet music ....

9 August, 2012

Cloud threatens to rain on Silicon Valley giants

Richard Waters,

A decade ago, Larry Ellison, the outspoken head of Oracle, declared an end to innovation in the software industry. No big new ....

2 August, 2012

Steve Jobs' heirs gird for first real test

Richard Waters,

Get ready for the mother of all product launches. That was the message earlier this week from the top brass at Apple. Sales of ....

26 July, 2012

Google now has to go beyond the search box

Richard Waters,

There are two common complaints about the sort of radical personalisation that Google is attempting with its new Google Now mobile ....

5 July, 2012

Microsoft in $6.2B ad business writedown

Richard Waters,

Microsoft has owned up to the failure of an ambitious push five years ago to become a power in online advertising, revealing that ....

3 July, 2012

Silicon Valley hype machine blows a gasket

Richard Waters,

Silicon Valley has patented a new class of momentum stock in recent years. What makes companies in this group different is that ....

22 June, 2012

Apple moves to find its place in the living room

Richard Waters,

How could Apple hope to disrupt the global TV business when there's almost no scope for changing the two things that most define ....

7 June, 2012

Profits may elude mobile challengers

Richard Waters,

The revolution in consumer electronics touched off by Apple is bringing some unlikely names to the fore in the business of phones ....

31 May, 2012

Google's all-new Chromebook: Now with extra PC

Richard Waters,

Google's first Chromebook sought to do a couple of things really well – and largely succeeded. But because laptops need ....

30 May, 2012

How Facebook went from triumph to disaster

Richard Waters,

Spare a thought for the Wall Street analysts who turned cautious in the run-up to Facebook's IPO last week. More than a decade ....

24 May, 2012

Happy to be a bit more 'un-Googley'

Richard Waters,

There's something rather un-Googley about Nikesh Arora. It is not that he lacks the expansive rhetoric that characterises Google's ....

21 May, 2012

Take A Bow Apple. And For An Encore?

Richard Waters,

So much for Wall Street's Apple correction. Ten trading days and a 13 per cent share price decline were all the stock market had ....

26 April, 2012

Why Google Needs Drive To Be A Success

Richard Waters,

For Google, missing the online storage and syncing market would be as damaging as missing social networking: much of the personal ....

25 April, 2012