Microsoft tablet drive rattles PC maker

Robert Budden & Sarah Mishkin

Before Microsoft held a press conference in June to announce its own-brand Surface tablet, the software company gave PC makers ....

7 August, 2012

PC makers hope Windows 8 will revive sales

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

PC makers, jilted of late by consumers attracted to tablets and smartphones, are pinning their hopes for a change in fortunes ....

16 July, 2012

Start-ups eye crowd-funding for capital

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

In the start-up culture in US creative industries, fledging businesses often look to a few key, angel investors for their first ....

13 July, 2012

Updates are a touch too much

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

The influence of tablets has led to lighter, thinner, instant-on laptops and now new touch gestures and apps are on the way with ....

15 June, 2012

E3 old guard adopt mobile tactics

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

While the giant screens showing forthcoming blockbusters from video game publishers and console makers still dominated this week's ....

8 June, 2012

Console makers adapt to gamers' new habits

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

coAt the annual E3 video game show this week, console makers' main focus will not be on the latest games, but rather other forms ....

4 June, 2012

The Tech World's Willy Wonka

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

Walking into Zynga's headquarters in San Francisco is like entering one of the games it develops for social networks. The reception ....

7 May, 2012

Intel-powered Smartphone Goes On Sale

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

The first smartphone powered by Intel-designed microprocessors is going on sale, just as the world's biggest chipmaker launches ....

23 April, 2012

Can Essay-marking Software Pass The Test?

Sarah Mishkin

Could a computer program grade a student essay just as a teacher would? An Australian start-up has joined forces with a slew of ....

20 April, 2012

Cook Breaks With Jobs' Apple Legacy

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

Tim Cook has made his first major break from the legacy of Steve Jobs by choosing to return billions of dollars to shareholders ....

20 March, 2012

Intel In Talks For Internet TV Service

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

Intel is talking to US media companies about an internet-based TV service powered by its chips, in a dramatic departure for the ....

13 March, 2012

Vita's Breath Of Life For The Handheld Console

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

The Nintendo 3DS put 3D gaming in consumers' hands last year without the need for special glasses. Now Sony is launching its own ....

17 February, 2012

A Techie With Foodie Ambitions

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

It is just before noon on a Monday in San Francisco's financial district and already a line is forming for lunch at one of the ....

15 February, 2012

Thrifty Music Lovers Boost Music Magpie

Robert Budden & Sarah Mishkin

Music Magpie, the specialist online website chaired by retail veteran Allan Leighton that buys second-hand CDs, DVDs and games, ....

8 February, 2012

Apple's $100B Reserve Ripe For Spending

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

As Apple reaches $100bn in cash reserves, there is no shortage of suggestions about what it should do with its vast hoard. While ....

25 January, 2012

Smart TV Makers Lose The Remote Controls

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

Consumer electronics manufacturers have announced significant steps to make televisions easier to use, adding voice and motion ....

10 January, 2012

Tablet Contenders Vie For iPad's Crown

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

A year after they charged into the annual Consumer Electronics Show with more than 100 devices, tablet makers are returning to ....

6 January, 2012

Electronic Arts Seeks Online Gaming Share

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, Electronic Arts was the number one video game publisher and Activision its closest ....

19 December, 2011

Modern Models Of Lighter, Slimmer Computing

Chris Nuttall & Sarah Mishkin

Competition in the Ultrabook category of laptops resembles a runway cat fight among skinny supermodels, as these thin and light ....

18 November, 2011