Column: Here’s how you can get your technology up and running in startup mode

Kiran Darisi

Starting up is a tough game to play. While figuring out the business is one part of the puzzle, the other is getting the technology ....

12 November, 2019

Column: Where do we draw the line for automation in CX?

Rahul Joshi

Automation has always been equated with efficiency and progress. Due to the growing cost of resources and the rise of the consumer ....

7 November, 2019

Column: Eight steps to balance personalization and privacy

Penny Gillespie

If you were asked to hand over your email address in return for a freebie or gift voucher, would you do it? How often do you tick ....

4 November, 2019

Column: How brands, etailers can leverage AI, ML to optimise festive sales

Suhale Kapoor

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India and apart from the rituals and traditions associated with it, shopping, either ....

22 October, 2019

Column: The changing face of finance -- from balancing books to balancing innovation

Graeme Burt

Literally every business function has been impacted by the adoption of new technologies and trends. With a wealth of data at their ....

15 October, 2019

Column: How the 'Fantastic Four' technologies are propelling business growth in India

Baskar Dhandapani

As digital increasingly gains momentum in the modern day workplace and consumer market, businesses are exploring several combinations ....

9 October, 2019

Column: The Circa Problem

Sanjay Swamy

One of the biggest learnings in my past seven years as an entrepreneur-turned-VC is that startup founders must learn to adapt ....

7 October, 2019

Column: The open internet is an ideal that should unite citizens, governments and web companies

JB Rudelle

The open Internet is in jeopardy and may vanish before our very eyes. But many are choosing to look away, without realizing what ....

27 September, 2019

Column: Inclusion in technology is a compelling economic and business case

Paul Ravindranath

The bedrock on which the vision for technology stands is that access to technology products has the potential to level the disparities ....

16 September, 2019

Column: Technology key to shaping global sustainable development paradigms

Ravi Narayan

During a routine house clean-up one day in 2017, Shalini Sharma finally decided to dispose of her growing pile of disused electronics. ....

12 August, 2019

The mechanics of leveraging AI and ML to solve problems

Kiran Marri

Take a look around. Cars are driving themselves. Automation is everywhere. Even drones have become household toys. These are ....

29 July, 2019

Why it is essential to build an effective data governance framework

Ramaswamy Venkatachalam

Data has lately become the lifeline of any corporate enterprise and government organizations. The emergence of social media has ....

18 July, 2019

Why inter-operable technology is definitely a boardroom choice

Rajiv Bhalla

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the ....

7 February, 2019

Sustainable innovation, not jugaad, is key to entrepreneurship in India

Priya Kapadia

Every innovative tool or service we use today has been the result of a need felt by the consumer. Regardless of whether it was ....

4 February, 2019

Draft e-pharmacy rules are progressive, adequately address concerns of offline players

Atul Pandey & Arjun Bhagi

E-pharmacies have made life very convenient for consumers, who can now order medicine from the comfort of their homes. However, ....

31 January, 2019

Why the tech-first mentality of ‘Gen Z’ will fuel a fresh round of innovation

Alok Ohrie

Change is inevitable, yet we fear it. Whether it is new technology or new people, most of us dread having to adjust to the new ....

25 January, 2019

Four steps that companies must take for digital transformation in 2019

Shailender Kumar

Digital transformation is now a more strategic discussion, beyond just the ambit of information technology (IT). Every chief executive ....

8 January, 2019

Ten ways in which artificial intelligence and RPA will evolve in 2019

Suman Reddy

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more mainstream in India as the country’s focus on the digital domain is ushering ....

7 January, 2019

Artificial intelligence will continue to shake up banking in 2019 and beyond

Anup Purohit

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already proliferating across all aspects of our lives and revolutionising various industries and ....

3 January, 2019

Why the best is yet to come for India’s early-stage startups

Anil Joshi

The concept of starting up is not alien to India but was once frowned upon. Entrepreneurs struggled with selling their vision ....

2 January, 2019

Why the Indian ed-tech sector has scope for at least 10 unicorns

Mayank Kumar

Those who have been following the education sector some time now know that every year is touted as the “year of education” ....

31 December, 2018