Twitter discloses bug that collects location data inadvertently

Anand J

Microblogging platform Twitter has apologised to its users on Apple's iOS platform for accidentally collecting and sharing ....

15 May, 2019

Apple's India iPhone sales, market share tumble as pressure mounts to boost growth

Varun Arora

Apple Inc.'s mobile-phone shipments and market share in India plunged in the April-June period from a year earlier, according ....

5 August, 2016

Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 7.5 Mango In India

dev khare & Anand Rai & Shrija Agrawal

Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. today launched its latest version (7.5 Mango) of Windows Phone operating system in India. ....

12 October, 2011

At least 1 In Every 5 Mobile Users In India Are Mobile Netizens

dev khare & Anand Rai & Shrija Agrawal & Aashish Bhinde

India currently has about 150 million mobile web users and they account for more than 40 per cent of the total number of internet ....

27 June, 2011