WhatsApp fixes security bug that let hackers take over users' applications


Facebook Inc's WhatsApp messenger service said on Wednesday it has fixed the latest bug on its platform that allowed ....

11 October, 2018

Hackers prey on SWIFT, steal $13.5 mn from Pune-based Cosmos Bank


Cyber criminals hacked the systems of India's Cosmos Bank and siphoned off nearly Rs 944 million ($13.5 million) through ....

14 August, 2018

Industrial IoT to equip new era of corporate intruders coming in through devices

Kunal Kislay

It’s tough to imagine life without the internet and the many devices and gadgets it supports and connects. Everything -- ....

22 May, 2018

Hackers stole 10% of $4 bn raised in global ICOs: EY report

Anirban Ghoshal

Hackers have stealthily taken away as much as $400 million (10%) of the total $4 billion raised by startups all over of the world ....

8 February, 2018

Apple to pay up to $200K 'bug bounty' to hackers for finding flaws

Nishant Sharma

Tech giant Apple unveiled a 'bug bounty' programme through which it will pay upto $200,000 to hackers who will report vulnerabilities ....

6 August, 2016

USA Shuts Megaupload.com, Hackers Retaliate


The U.S. government shut down the Megaupload.com content sharing website, charging its founders and several employees with massive ....

20 January, 2012