Hitendra Chaturvedi

Exclusive: India’s most-funded recommerce platform Greendust pivots to B2B

Vijayakumar Pitchiah

Delhi-based reverse logistics and recommerce company Greendust has decided to pull back its business-to-commerce operations to ....

29 January, 2019

Greendust.com eyeing $250M in revenues in FY15; to add apparels & medical equipment categories

Sainul K

Delhi-based Reverse Logistics Company Pvt Ltd (RLC), which owns and operates Greendust.com, an e-commerce platform for refurbished ....

3 July, 2014

We will cross $100M in revenues this financial year: GreenDust founder & CEO Hitendra Chaturvedi

Sonam Gulati

Selling second-hand, refurbished goods may not look like a lucrative business proposition, but this company is bent on proving ....

2 August, 2013

Hitendra Chaturvedi on making money out of refurbished factory seconds

Team TC

When Hitendra Chaturvedi founded Reverse Logistics Co. (RLC) in Delhi in October 2008, "No one had a clue about what my (his) ....

13 May, 2013

E-tailer GreenDust salvages & sells; Can it leverage reverse logistics biz in a big way

Anand Rai

Remember those factory outlets which offered you branded seconds at oh-so-cheap prices, much below the showroom price tags. Or ....

14 June, 2012