Google ex-chairman Eric Schmidt roots for Ethereum platform

Anirban Ghoshal

Former executive chairman of Google and billionaire Eric Schmidt has now publicly backed the Ethereum platform, which is a blockchain, ....

8 November, 2018

Here's a sneak peek at Larry Page-backed Kitty Hawk's single-seater aircraft

Anirban Ghoshal

Enterprise drone solutions firm Kitty Hawk, founded and backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, has unveiled the latest iteration ....

7 June, 2018

Google, Apple CEOs in 'secret' talks on patent issues


Google Inc Chief Executive Larry Page and Apple CEO Tim Cook have been conducting behind-the-scenes talks about a range of intellectual ....

31 August, 2012

Vic Gundotra, Sundar Pichai To Report To Larry Page In Google Re-org


Google Inc CEO Larry Page streamlined decision-making in six key product groups, including social networking and mobile, as the ....

11 April, 2011

Google's Page Presages Bolder Era; Some Uneasy


Google Inc's Larry Page is back in charge of the company he founded a decade ago and, while some investors are uneasy about his ....

5 April, 2011

Google: From Company To Cult. What Now?

Sudarshana Banerjee

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