Radhika Ghai Aggarwal

India's leading women in startups and tech seek gender diversity, inclusiveness

Team TC

At this week's Oscars ceremony, Best Actress winner Frances McDormand stood on stage and called on all the women in the room ....

8 March, 2018

Why we urgently need to build gender-diverse organisations

Radhika Ghai

Gender-diversity is a term we hear and read almost everywhere nowadays, but hardly ever see put to action. The blanket term, though ....

8 March, 2018

Five startups led by married co-founders

Disha Sharma

Finding the right co-founder is one of the toughest jobs while starting a new venture. Finding a life partner is no less difficult. ....

22 June, 2016

We want to focus on and dominate categories without a standard product catalogue: ShopClues

Priyanka Sahay

ShopClues.comĀ is a horizontal e-commerce marketplace and one of a few which have managed to survive even as the market consolidated ....

19 January, 2015