How 'profitable' RechargeitNow lost to 'non-profitable' funded startups

Arti Singh & Swet Sarika

Sharat Jain is not sure today if his vision of keeping his company profitable, even if that came at the cost of having a small ....

10 October, 2016

Recharge sites: How charged up are their offerings

Anand Rai

Almost everyone who owns a mobile phone and has an internet connection must have dabbled with online mobile recharge at some point. ....

3 January, 2013

Freecharge claims it is doing 40K mobile recharges a day; plans new features, mobile apps

Anand Rai, a recharge portal run by Mumbai-based Accelyst Solutions Pvt Ltd, claims to be doing 40,000 transactions a day. ....

6 November, 2012