Srikanth Velamakanni

Fractal Analytics’ evolution from small-time data firm to analytics leader

Anirban Ghoshal & Kavya Kothiyal

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model was little-known when Fractal Analytics was launched in 2000. In that sense, the ....

7 February, 2019

Fractal Analytics appoints co-founder Pranay Agrawal as new CEO

Team TC

Fractal Analytics, the India- and US-based data analytics provider, on Wednesday appointed co-founder and chief client officer ....

2 November, 2016

Eight data analytics startups that raised funding in the last six months

Arti Singh

Big data analytics "the process of capturing, managing and analysing massive amounts of data to generate meaningful insights ....

28 June, 2016

Fractal Analytics buys mobile-based context-aware Big Data startup Mobius Innovations

Sainul K

India- and US-based pure-play analytics provider Fractal Analytics has acquired Mobius Innovations, a mobile-based context-aware ....

12 January, 2015

Our client win rate is higher than Mu Sigma: Fractal Analytics CEO Srikanth Velamakanni

Sainul K

Fractal Analytics is one of the largest independent analytics companies in the world that are operating out of India and is ....

18 August, 2014