University of California

AI will diversify human thinking, not automate it out of existence: Tata study

Shweta Sharma

Tata Communications, the telecom arm of the diversified Tata group, has released a study on the impact of artificial intelligence ....

7 September, 2018

This AI-based device can identify objects at the speed of light

Shweta Sharma

A team of electrical and computer engineers of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has created a physical artificial ....

3 August, 2018

UC Berkeley, others to incubate startups offering smart-city solutions

Shweta Sharma

The University of California (UC), Berkeley, AI urban solutions company Quantela, and Invest India on Thursday announced a partnership ....

2 August, 2018

Hackers can detect passwords from the heat generated by your fingertips

Shweta Sharma

Researchers at a university in the US have discovered that hackers can detect passwords based on the heat left by fingerprints ....

10 July, 2018