BSNL Launches Voice & Video Telephony With Sai InfoSystem


State-owned telecom firm Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), has launched voice and video telephony services in partnership with Gujarat-based IT solutions provider Sai InfoSystem (SIS).

BSNL's Voice & Video Over Internet Protocol(VVOIP) service uses packet switching technology and makes communication possible over IP networks such as the internet. In this, the voice and video signals are converted into data packets and sent to the destination, where the data packets are again converted back to voice and video respectively.

With the help of this service, any customer can make audio and video calls at will on any landline, mobile or IP phone to anywhere in the world (except India), provided both the ends have requisite video phone equipment and if video phone equipment is available at only one end, only voice call can happen. Within India, a customer can make only IP to IP calling within the BSNL network (to another BSNL broadband subscriber).


"To start with, video communication will be restricted within the country and within the BSNL network. This mode of communication is highly affordable compared to conventional video conferencing services. The video phone service will drastically reduce the cost of communication and enhance the quality of today's communication by adding one more dimension. This service is highly user friendly and easy to install. We are also making arrangements with leading international carriers to ensure that consumers always reach their international destinations easily and at most affordable rates," said R. K. Upadhyay, CMD, BSNL.

The VVOIP service will cost 40 paisa per minute for audio calls and Rs 2 per minute for video calls within the country. International calls charges using VVOIP service are also affordable. For Instance , a call to US will cost Rs.1.20 per minute to UK it will cost Rs. 1.20 on landline and Rs. 7.20 to mobile and Rs.1.20 per minute to China. The detailed tariff charges for all countries are available on BSNL website. Monthly charges for VVOIP services will be Rs.150.

The video telephone can also be connected to overhead projectors and LCD TVs for a bigger display for communication between groups of people. This service also provides all the industry standard class 5 features such as call hold, call transfer, Do Not Disturb, call forward, mute, caller ID, call waiting, three -way conferencing, call log, video phone book, off hook auto dial, as well as downloadable ringtones, etc.


Besides soft SIP phones, a terminal adapter, which can be attached to existing PSTN phone are also being made available by Sai InfoSystem.

"The technology used is in tune with the direction the telecom industry is heading – all different types of communication networks like landline, mobile, Internet are converging into a single IP network, which is today referred to as Next Generation Network (NGN)," said Sunil Kakkad, CMD, SIS.

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