Former redBus employee unveils P2P skills sharing site SkillSpace.in


Bangalore-based SmallSpace SoftLabs Pvt Ltd has launched SkillSpace.in, a portal where users can learn skills from each other. People can register for free and choose others from whom they wish to learn specific skills. And to initiate this, users at SkillSpace have access to the skills, professional expertise and educational details of other users. The portal also enables one to compare two people with similar skills but coming from different professional backgrounds.

But what is the exact procedure for this choice-based and people-oriented skills training?

Ask Lokesh Motwani, founder and CEO of SkillSpace, and he details it for prospective learners and teachers. Once a user gets the request to share his skills, he can send a class invitation with information about the topics, fee, date and the venue.



"We will take 20 per cent of the fee charged by the person willing to train others and that will generate revenues for us," Motwani told Techcircle.in.

He also claimed no other company offers a similar model and making skills training available as per one's convenience (be it location, fee, timing or other relevant factors) is the focus of the portal.


Although Motwani claimed it to be a unique concept, there are similar companies abroad and we have come across New York-based Skillshare, a skill-sharing platform where users can list their professional/personal skills to share with other users.

Motwani is a former employee of Bangalore-based redBus.in, a bus ticketing portal, where he was a software developer. Prior to joining redBus, he worked with Accenture as s software engineer. He holds an engineering degree from Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology in Chennai.

"At present, SkillSpace offers more than 100 unique skills and this number is growing on a daily basis. We aim to become a one-stop platform for the people who are passionate to learn a new skill within the locality," said Motwani about his new venture.


"We started in November 2012 but due to certain issues, the project was delayed and the site has been launched only now," he said. The startup is bootstrapped as of now but it is looking for investors.

According to Motwani, the training market in India was valued at Rs 9,000 crore in 2011 and is slated to grow at 23 per cent CAGR. But at present, this market is mostly captured by training institutes and coaching centres.

"For learning, one has to enrol for a professional course at a training institute or he can start learning things on his own via YouTube, Google, Khan Academy, etc. But there are areas like music, performing arts, photography, yoga, etc., where e-learning is not that effective. That's the gap SkillSpace aims to address through this online platform," said Motwani.


(Edited by Sanghamitra Mandal)

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