Angels 16: Techcircle profiles leading angel investors of 2014


Angels-16Angel investors are those who invest high-risk capital in the early part of a startup's life. They put in a few lakhs to a couple of crores of rupees, provide guidance and advice, and help the entrepreneur reach a stage where he/she can raise a larger amount of funding or attain profitability.

Angel investments have been on the rise in India, primarily driven by successful tech entrepreneurs and top corporate professionals who want to put in their spare cash in startups which are likely to make it big or win large venture capital funds. The angel movement kicked off in mid-2000 with the formation of networks such as Indian Angel Network, Mumbai Angels and Chennai Angels; it has now spread across the country with several high-net-worth individuals showing the risk appetite for investing in startups and emergence of newer platforms like Lead Angels, LetsVenture, among others.

This third listing of top angels in India (we came up with the first one in 2011) showcases the most active angel investors in the country currently. We did not consider the angels who figured in our previous listing (though some of them are still active investors) as the idea is to help entrepreneurs identify new and active angels this year (there is no ranking and names are given in the alphabetical order).


Ajay Pandey

Aloke Bajpai

Anirudh Damani


Bhupen Shah

Dr Sam Mehta

Hareesh Ramanna


Indus Khaitan

Manav Garg

Manish Singhal


Sanjay Mehta

Sanjay Parthasarthy

Sharad Sharma


Shrinivas Anumolu

Sumit Gupta

Vikas Taneja


Zishaan Hayath

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