A look at the 5 startups showcased at Techcircle SaaS Forum 2014


Indian SaaS startups are yet to figure out a way to crack the small and medium businesses (SMBs) market. While many of them hold the view that Indian SMBs are too price-sensitive and it is not easy to do business with them, a few have cracked the market and are doing good business. That being said, most of the SaaS startups that currently cater to global markets feel that India is maturing and they will start looking back at the domestic market in the future.

Techcircle.in provided a platform to five fledgling SaaS startups to showcase their products at the recently-concluded Techcircle SaaS Forum 2014. Here is a quick look at them:

ShieldSquare: The startup helps protect online businesses against web scraping and bot (a type of malware) attacks, thus increasing revenues and improving the site performance. The startup uses a combination of dynamic bot challenge system (non-intrusive to the user), behaviour pattern analysis, device and network profiling to identify, detect, assess and protect against site scraping activity done on the website.


Storefront Display Technologies: Its product Nifty Window provides a suite of rich content generation and distribution tools via a single SaaS platform to assist business owners to bridge the online-offline consumer experiences and to integrate the physical and digital worlds. With virtual display windows, interactive product catalogues and data-driven insights from real-time analytics, Nifty Window help brands to communicate locally and contextually at the last mile and to acquire new customers.

cr Networks Technologies: Its product Coffee Table is a cloud-based real time video communication service that enables face-to-face and multiparty conversations on any web platform. The conversations can either be instant video calls between online participants or scheduled meetings at a particular date and time. Coffee Table can be customised as per the workflow of the website.

East Village Trading Pvt Ltd: Its product Taglays is an intelligent search engine that has the ability to accurately handle semantic queries by helping the consumer search for more specific items, thus increasing the conversion rates and sales for e-tailers. Taglays has custom algorithms that auto-assign tags based on available data, and can scale across categories to handle high traffic. The product is customisable so that clients operating in multiple verticals can use it based on their requirements.


MobCast Innovation: MobCast is a group engagement platform that allows entities/enterprises to broadcast rich content (videos, presentations, events, announcements) on mobile devices. The platform identifies and distinguishes smartphones from feature phones and correspondingly publishes the communication with the application or as an SMS. Enterprises and other entities can leverage the technology to communicate and build relationships with their customers, employees and other stakeholders.

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