Punit Soni to turn an angel for Indian startups

Former Google executive Punit Soni, who is moving back to Silicon Valley after a one-year stint with Flipkart in Bangalore as chief product officer, plans to stay connected to the Indian startup ecosystem by being an active seed investor. He said he will advise and mentor at least four early-stage tech companies while he may invest in a much larger number of startups.

Soni is already an adviser and investor in at least three startups—Razon Pay, a payment gateway firm based in India, as well as Headspin and Krypton, two Silicon Valley startups founded by his former Google colleagues Manish Lachwani and Shishir Mehrotra, respectively. While Headspin offers mobile app testing and developing services, Krypton works on a mobile alternative for Microsoft Office software.

While Soni's active engagement will be limited to four or five startups since his focus is on starting his own firm in Silicon Valley in a few months, he is likely to put money in a far greater number of early-stage tech firms from India. "You invest anytime you find something interesting; so there can be many," Soni told Techcircle.in. "I will invest and advise. I will find a handful of people I would really like to work with," he said.

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