Why Bhavin Turakhia thinks Flock 2.0 will be the next big thing in enterprise chat

8 Sep, 2016

Communication and collaboration app Flock has unveiled its latest update, Flock 2.0. For its millionaire founder Bhavin Turakhia, this is the next big thing in enterprise chat.

The key tweak in the update is the introduction of Teams. Users are no longer bounded by their company domain to use Flock. Any user can create and join multiple Teams on Flock using company or free domain email. Teams can be created for the entire organisation, an external community or even a project.

Flock 2.0 provides apps deeper integration capabilities and makes it easier for users to interact with external apps. Flock apps such as To-do app and Poll app use these integration points to create seamless intuitive experiences for end-users. Flock app store features 28 apps currently being used by thousands of users globally.

"With Flock 2.0, we have put team communication at the centre of its offering – a Team can be at an organisational level, department specific or even an interest based external community," Flock founder Bhavin Turakhia said in a statement.

This update also brings a slick and intuitive interface to both mobile and desktop clients, featuring a dedicated panel for teams and apps. Teams on Flock are supported across desktop (Windows and Mac), web and mobile (iOS and Android).

Flock boasts of 2,50,000 downloads since launch and over 20,000 companies across the globe are using the app for their communication at work, according to company sources. The firm has 60-70 employees across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Flock competes with Slack and Microsoft's Skype for Business (formerly Lync), globally.

Last month, the Turakhia brothers — Bhavin and his younger sibling Divyank — sold Media.net, an ad-tech company they founded six years ago, to Chinese investors for $900 million. They started their entrepreneurial journey in 1998 by setting up Directi, which started as web-hosting services. Now, the brothers are now jointly worth $1.4 billion.

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