US business software firm Salesforce mulling products based on blockchain

US business software firm Salesforce mulling products based on blockchain
Photo Credit: Thinkstock
9 Apr, 2018

US business software developer Salesforce.com Inc. may soon come out with new products that run on blockchain technology.

According to a report by news portal Business Insider, the company's founders, Marc Benioff and Parket Harris, have been considering deploying blockchain for the software firm’s products.

“I had been thinking a lot about what is Salesforce’s strategy around blockchain, and what is Salesforce’s strategies around cryptocurrencies and how will we relate to all of these things," Benioff was quoted as saying. The co-founder said that the thought of implementing blockchain came to him after a discussion at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

He believes his company's success depends on the mantra of choosing what is right for the customers. “That’s kind of how it works and I hope by Dreamforce (annual customer conference of Salesforce), we will have a blockchain and cryptocurrency solution,” Benioff said in the report. Dreamforce is set to be held from September 25-28 in San Francisco. 

Interestingly, a report by marketing services firm TechTarget cited Vikal Kapoor, chief executive at enterprise software firm Dapps Inc., as saying that he was excited in trying to pair the blockchain technology with the Salesforce layer.

"When pairing the technology with Salesforce, companies can have a constant conversation with all the partners involved in the value chain of customer experience -- before, during and after a sale," Kapoor was quoted as saying.

"The sales cycles will no longer treat customer and company as counterparties, but like joint-venture partners in constant conversation. That means less data and more intelligence," Kapoor said. "The pursuit is no longer for more data to throw into data swamps; the goal is to craft a journey where all parties are invited to travel as equal entities."

"When you can act on agreed-to information, then it becomes intelligence, and that is true analytics -- live analytics," he said. "The customer journey is a live event, and everyone involved is invited to the show."