T-Hub and Communitech pick nine Canadian startups for India biz support

T-Hub and Communitech pick nine Canadian startups for India biz support
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Pexels
5 Nov, 2018

A joint programme by Hyderabad-based accelerator T-Hub and Canada-headquartered Communitech, which incubates tech companies, has selected nine Canadian tech startups to help grow their business in India.

Canadian Digital Media Network will bear the cost of the first-such programme, which includes travel grant of $4,000 for each startup, T-Hub said in a statement.

The three-month programme helps Canadian startups by providing support and resources to set up operations in India, and helping them to localise their business model for the Indian market, the statement added.

The startups will get access to T-Hub’s national network, connecting them to potential clients for the discussion of pilots, prototypes, and revenue streams.

The programme aims to solve Indian problems in sectors such as healthcare, sports and infrastructure, using sustainable technology solutions, said Srinivas Kollipara, chief executive of T-Hub.

T-Hub is a public-private partnership between the government of Telangana and three premier academic institutions including Indian School of Business.

The nine selected startups are:

Sinitic Inc.: The company offers a proprietary natural language processing engine that provides a solution for multilingual support automation.

Voltera Inc.: The firm offers a desktop 3D printer.

2G Robotics Inc.: The company offers a product that provides underwater laser scanners for offshore and subsea inspection.

Ulula: The firm offers a software and analytics platform that equips companies with tools to monitor risks to human rights using Big Data analytics.

Push Inc.: The company offers a wearable fitness tracker for athletes which aims to optimise training by analysing and tracking movement. The tracker uses business intelligence and data analytics.

Site2Site Inc.: It’s an application and desktop platform that automates the construction office by offering complete and automatic handling of GPS-tracked time cards, equipment tracking, receipt collection, invoicing, estimates, and more. GPS is global positioning system.

Szio+ Inc.: The startup enables self-monitoring through self-diagnosis test kits. It manages health through clinically-proven supplements.

Sitata Inc.: It provides personalised health and safety information tailored to one’s itinerary, besides real-time travel alerts. The firm uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and business learning.

O2 Canada: The health tech startup designs reusable air filtration masks for protection against pollution.