Health-tech firm CliniVantage joins StartUp Health’s networking initiative

Health-tech firm CliniVantage joins StartUp Health’s networking initiative
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21 May, 2019

CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies Inc. has joined StartUp Health’s Access to Care Moonshot programme, which aims to promote wellness entrepreneurship through its network of customers, investors and patients.

“The association with StartUp Health will bring in opportunities for partnerships, technological improvement and customer development,” said Nilesh Jain, co-founder of Mumbai-based CliniVantage.

CliniVantage is a healthcare startup that delivers Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)-based solutions, which connect doctors, hospitals, caregivers, service providers and personal devices. The platform envisions patient-centric care where services are tailored to individuals, led by healthcare personnel, and defined by consumers. Moreover, the platform allows users to tap healthcare data and enables solutions for medical practitioners via artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.  

CliniVantage, founded in 2014 by Abhay Chopada, Dinesh Samudra and Jain, has raised $1 million over two funding rounds. Its latest funding round was held in March 2019, yielding an undisclosed amount. Last June, it raised funds in a round led by US-based investor group Metaform Ventures LLC. CliniVantage’s operations are spread across eight countries and the firm has partners including IBM and Hitachi.

StartUp Health aims to build businesses through its units including the StartUp Health Innovation Fund.

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