Watch: Enterprises need to move towards an open hybrid cloud strategy: Brendan Paget, Red Hat

Red Hat, the US-based open source giant, was recently acquired by IBM for a jaw dropping $34 billion, a price tag that is perhaps justifiable because open source has been touted as the way forward for new innovations among enterprises across the globe. 

The acquisition gains significance in the context of an environment where a majority of technologies at the top of their hype cycle such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, Kubernetes and edge computing are building their basic software on open source platforms. Red Hat has been pushing towards making these technologies open source software ready for enterprises usage in terms of better security, scalability and reliability since the early nineties.

Brendan Paget, who has been following the open source movement since 1998, joined Red Hat in October 2016. In a conversation with TechCircle in Mumbai, Paget, now director product portfolio at the APAC office of technology, Red Hat, spoke about the open hybrid cloud and how enterprises build a sustainable long-term strategy to adopt multi-cloud, hybrid cloud solutions without being locked into a single vendor.