Mavenir strengthens communication software partnership with Vodafone Idea

Mavenir strengthens communication software partnership with Vodafone Idea
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Pexels
14 Oct, 2019

Texas headquartered network software provider Mavenir Systems will continue its partnership with Vodafone Idea for its communication software services, it said in a statement.

The NYSE-listed communication service provider will help Vodafone Idea to build a secure cloud to host multiple tenants and third-party applications and a fully automated platform that will enable self-provisioning of various workloads.

The partnership also aims to set up a joint research and development lab that will innovate on chipset, operating systems (OS), and work at the application level to offer various application programming interfaces, the statement added.

“The next frontier in our partnership will be to extend the platforms deployed to host new applications serving IoT (internet of things) and CDN use cases. We plan to build platforms that can host varied OS and varied workloads. We aim to automate deployment and assurance and thereby extend self-provisioning capability for Vodafone Idea customers,” Pardeep Kohli, president and CEO at Mavenir said.

Telecommunication operators Vodafone India and Idea merged last year in a deal that targeted synergies at about $10 billion over the next few years.

In August, US-based software services provider Amdocs had announced a partnership with Vodafone Idea to consolidate the merged entity’s postpaid operations for retail and enterprise customers across mobile and fixed-line services.

In May, Vodafone Idea partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to use the latter’s next-generation operation support systems (OSS) platform for its service and network operations centre (SNOC).

The Vodafone Idea-Mavenir partnership comes at a time when India is gearing up for its 5G spectrum auction, en route to providing a well-formulated litmus test about the financial status of telecom companies in the country.