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Govindaraj Avasarala, Vodafone Idea Ltd. addressing startups at TechCircle.Live, Mumbai

20 Mar, 2020

At the Mumbai chapter of TechCircle.Live in January this year, Govindaraj Avasarala, Head of Enterprise Marketing at Vodafone Idea Ltd., the session partner for the event, addressed a hall full of vibrant young and emerging startups in his special address ‘Partner to Grow’; throwing light on Vodafone Idea Limited’s many solutions designed to help startups amplify their market reach, gain insights into industry best practises and access a wide range of SaaS solutions to optimize business operations.

Watch the video to know more and click here for an in-depth understanding of the Vodafone Start-up Flexi-kit, designed to cater to the needs of startups.

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