Puma India picks Salesforce to enhance online shopping personalisation

Puma India picks Salesforce to enhance online shopping personalisation
Photo Credit: 123RF.com
3 Nov, 2020

Puma India has picked San Francisco, California headquartered customer relationship management (CRM) giant Salesforce to enhance its online customer experience journey. 

Through the partnership, the local arm of Puma expects to use Salesforce Commerce Cloud to provide its customers with an online digital experience that would match the in-store experience in its showrooms.

The Herzogenaurach, Germany based sports brand entered India in 2006  and currently operates over 375 stores. It has its presence in over 120 countries worldwide and has over 16,000 employees.

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Salesforce said that businesses were now looking to replicate retail on digital platforms, which can be a challenge due to customers expecting a smooth, uninterrupted and optimised purchase experience that is unique to each brand. Additionally, online brands also need to constantly scale and maximize revenue growth while lowering costs simultaneously.

“In the current situation, online is of course a more convenient option for consumers to shop. The new normal has also catapulted the number of first-time online shoppers,” Jackson Fernandez, associate director and head, B2C ecommerce, PUMA India, said.

Fernadez added that with the vast variety of customer data now available, Puma was better able to understand what consumers are buying and personalise the experience in accordance.

Puma has already deployed the Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enhance the online and mobile shopping experience of its customers on Puma.com. The cloud will now support UX design, merchandising and technical architecture that will be built into the solution, which would help Puma’s teams give one-on-one personalized experience for the visitors.  


 “We understand that empowering companies to create personalized commerce experiences initiated anytime, anywhere, spanning multiple channels is an incredibly important part of how to keep an edge in the current scenario,” Sunil Jose, senior vice president, Salesforce India said.