Lucideus launches tool to help users assess personal cybersecurity risks

Lucideus launches tool to help users assess personal cybersecurity risks
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3 Dec, 2020

Palo Alto, California headquartered cybersecurity startup Lucideus has announced the launch of SAFE Me, an application to help people assess their cybersecurity status.

The tool, available for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store, uses a proprietary breach likelihood algorithm, built in partnership with MIT, to give users a cyber risk score, indicating how secure their phone and online information really is.

This score, Lucideus said, ranges from zero to five and is calculated by taking into account a number of cybersecurity-specific factors, including the user’s device settings, leaks on the deep and dark web and cybersecurity awareness, among others.

“We’ve designed a solution that empowers consumers to easily monitor and understand their cyber risk across all their devices and the digital platforms they frequent, such as Google, Twitter or Facebook in real time. By curating a digital, gamified, easy-to-understand and mobile-first experience, SAFE Me equips consumers with the know-how needed in today’s digital environment,” Saket Modi, co-founder and CEO of Lucideus, said in the statement.

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The app shows the information compromised in data leaks -- emails and passwords -- and asks the user to change the compromised credentials on the breached and all other accounts using the same login. It also offers cybersecurity awareness courses and a dedicated page to change settings that could compromise the privacy of the user.

And while the app is free to download, there are three subscription options for users: basic, enterprise and platinum.

The basic offering is free-to-use for regular internet users and offers all the aforementioned benefits, while the enterprise and platinum versions are for business customers and cost $36/year and $10,000/year, respectively. 

The paid versions offer self-awareness courses and email checking options, with personalized services such as cybersecurity training campaigns, phishing protection campaigns, device security assessment, exposure assessment, data security assessment and cybersecurity insurance policy.

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Lucideus, founded in 2012, already offers an enterprise-focused version of its SAFE platform to allow organizations to measure and mitigate their enterprise-wide cyber risks in real-time. It also uses an AI and ML-backed proprietary scoring system, which considers automated signals across five key vectors of risks across people, process and technology. The company has 200 customers worldwide.