IBM Watson introduces data privacy module, time series beta among other new tools

IBM Watson introduces data privacy module, time series beta among other new tools
Photo Credit: Reuters
22 Apr, 2021

IBM on Wednesday said it has introduced new capabilities in IBM Watson, with new tools for client businesses to govern and explain artificial intelligence-led decisions, increase insight accuracy, mitigate risks, and meet privacy and compliance requirements.  

As per a statement, IBM OpenPages with Watson now includes a new data privacy management module. By integrating with Watson Knowledge Catalog, IBM OpenPages can now provide businesses with near real-time view of how private data is being used in an organisation, and automate the reporting of personally identifiable information to improve accuracy and reduce audit times.

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson now includes a new statistical details page to provide facts about how a forecasting prediction was generated.  

“As more businesses turn to predictive forecasting capabilities to strengthen their financial, sales and supply chain planning, they require transparency in the models and data used to generate the forecast,” the statement added.

IBM Watson Studio now includes new federated learning capabilities as a tech preview to help businesses apply machine learning techniques to situations where data cannot or should not be moved, the statement said, adding that with IBM Watson Studio, businesses will be able to train AI models on previously siloed data sources.

IBM Watson Studio now also includes Time Series capabilities in beta to help businesses develop models that predict future values of a time series based on past data or features.

The beta version, IBM said, is designed to achieve accuracy across a variety of univariate datasets including phone call logs, weather, travel times, retail sales, and production volume.

German airline Deutsche Lufthansa AG uses IBM Watson Studio, the statement added.

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