Mphasis granted US patent for AI-driven app, infra management solution

Mphasis granted US patent for AI-driven app, infra management solution
Photo Credit: Reuters
13 Jul, 2021

Information Technology solutions provider Mphasis has announced that it was awarded a US patent for its AI-driven application and infrastructure management solution.  

The newly issued patent is for its InfraGraf and DeepInsights solutions. These solutions help enterprises to optimise their technology investments through in-depth data analysis, the Blackstone-backed company said in a statement.

The solutions predicts errors and failures of applications and infrastructure and enables preventive maintenance measures, the statement added. 

The solutions are powered by a machine learning (ML), graph theory-based algorithm that performs complex system analysis and predicts stand-alone as well as chain events and incidents which lead to failure in technology infrastructure.  

It provides early warning systems and near to real-time device failures prediction using pattern recognition, network evolution.  

The complex systems-based modeling solves problems arising from direct and indirect factors affecting infrastructures and enables the automation of repeatable tasks with respect to monitoring and resolution. 

“Technology applications and infrastructure have become all pervasive and the Mphasis solution empowers decision makers to identify dependencies between components and predict system anomalies. The benefits include early warning of system anomalies, optimisation of enterprise application and infrastructure landscape and elimination of system downtime,” Jai Ganesh, senior vice president, head – Mphasis NEXT Labs, said. 

The core functionalities of the solution include Complex Interdependency Analytics to identify error dependencies between components, Root Cause Analysis to identify the reason for breakdown and take corrective actions at the earliest, Storage/Capacity Management to predict the demand and make recommendations as to when enterprises need to go on cloud or extend or reduce the virtual capacity and Incident Management through ticket and resource prediction, analysis, and resolution. 

Mphasis has steadily been building its technology capabilities and global client base. Last month it had announced setting up of a quantum computing hub at Calgary in Alberta, Canada.  

In November last year, Mphasis rolled out quantum computing-powered consulting and algorithm development services.