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TechThisWeek: Khaitan partner Shabnam Shaikh decodes the tech sector ESOP rush

16 Jul, 2021

In a week marked by the Rs 600 crore ($80 million approximately) ESOP buyback by Flipkart and $29.5 million maiden ESOP liquidity event by upGrad, partner at law firm Khaitan & Co, Shabnam Shaikh, joins TechThisWeek to discuss the changing landscape of Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP). 

Shaikh told TechCircle that employees have become savvy about ESOPs as part of their compensation and are asking the right questions when it comes to discussions around scenarios such as termination of employment, etc. Shaikh further added that while India registered companies cannot issue RSUs, US registered entities can and it is an attractive proposition for high growth companies. 

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